Zhaoyang Sun

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Lassa virus is an enveloped, bi-segmented RNA virus and the most prevalent and fatal of all Old World arenaviruses. Virus entry into the host cell is mediated by a tripartite surface spike complex, which is composed of two viral glycoprotein subunits, GP1 and GP2, and the stable signal peptide. Of these, GP1 binds to cellular receptors and GP2 catalyzes(More)
In the electrospinning process, a modified parallel electrode method (MPEM), conducted by placing a positively charged ring between the needle and the parallel electrode collector, was used to fabricate highly aligned carbon nanotubes/polyacrylonitrile (CNTs/PAN) composite nanofibers. Characterizations of the samples—such as morphology, the degree of(More)
One way to reduce potentially serious problems caused by modifications to the original design is to find out design thinking process of the original designer. The knowledge structure of design thinking process is represented, which is composed of design intent, design decision, design rationale and design operation. Semi-formal structure is adopted by the(More)
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