Zhaoyang Sun

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Lassa virus is an enveloped, bi-segmented RNA virus and the most prevalent and fatal of all Old World arenaviruses. Virus entry into the host cell is mediated by a tripartite surface spike complex, which is composed of two viral glycoprotein subunits, GP1 and GP2, and the stable signal peptide. Of these, GP1 binds to cellular receptors and GP2 catalyzes(More)
A review for product development and knowledge management including product development process, process history, design intent and domain knowledge is presented. Modeling the product development process is the first step of the history knowledge management in the product development process. The integrated framework of the history knowledge management(More)
In past decades, pattern classification has been intensively explored in machine learning. With the in-depth exploration of machine learning in various applications, new challenges arise, which requests researchers to move from data-driven to domain-driven models by integrating domain knowledge, and to move from static to dynamic models to adapt to the(More)
A novel active terahertz imaging scheme based on the combination of fan-beam scanning and aperture synthesized reconstruction techniques is presented. In the horizontal direction, high resolution is obtained by the narrow side of the fan-beam based on real aperture focusing with special pillbox-like quasi-optics. In the vertical direction, high resolution(More)
Correct outer protein shell assembly is a prerequisite for virion infectivity in many multi-shelled dsRNA viruses. In the prototypic dsRNA bacteriophage φ6, the assembly reaction is promoted by calcium ions but its biomechanics remain poorly understood. Here, we describe the near-atomic resolution structure of the φ6 double-shelled particle. The outer T=13(More)
Abstract: In the electrospinning process, a modified parallel electrode method (MPEM), conducted by placing a positively charged ring between the needle and the parallel electrode collector, was used to fabricate highly aligned carbon nanotubes/polyacrylonitrile (CNTs/PAN) composite nanofibers. Characterizations of the samples—such as morphology, the degree(More)
In this paper, the wave equation based on phase shift migration technique is extended for terahertz 3-D imaging with quasi-optical transceivers. An analytical expression of the reconstructed 3-D point-spread function for targets under the illumination of a terahertz Gaussian beam was derived with this reconstruction technique. The quantitative relationship(More)
It is important for enterprise to innovate e-business model to gain competitive advantages in internet times. In china, it is an interesting question that how late-move companies innovate e-business model to gain competitive advantages when they compete with their world-class rivals abroad. Based on a hierarchical model framework for analyzing e-business(More)
In applications such as target detection, domain knowledge of sensed data is often available. In this paper, we incorporate the available domain knowledge into clustering process and develop a knowledge-driven Mahalanobis distance-based ART (adaptive resonance theory) clustering algorithm. The strength of the knowledge-driven algorithm is that it can(More)