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We used an autoimmune serum from a patient with discoid lupus erythematosus to clone a cDNA of 2808 base pairs. Its open reading frame of 2079 base pairs encodes a predicted polypeptide of 693 amino acids named CDA1 (cell division autoantigen-1). CDA1 has a predicted molecular mass of 79,430 Daltons and a pI of 4.26. The size of the cDNA is consistent with(More)
Selenium is an essential trace element in many living organisms. In the present paper, the subcellular distribution of selenium and Se-containing proteins in human liver samples, which were obtained from normal subjects who had an accidental death, was investigated by differential centrifugation and column chromatography. Selenium was mainly enriched in(More)
Six rumen-fistulated dairy cows were used in 2 trials to validate the technique for the collection of ruminal fluid by an oral stomach tube (OST). Trial 1 was conducted to compare the differences of ruminal fermentation parameters among rumen sites (cranial dorsal, cranial ventral, central, ventral, caudal dorsal, and caudal ventral). The ruminal fluid was(More)
A measurement of two-particle correlations with a high transverse momentum trigger particle (p(T)(trig) > 2.5 GeV/c) is presented for Au+Au collisions at square root(s(NN)) = 200 GeV over the uniquely broad longitudinal acceptance of the PHOBOS detector (-4 < Delta eta < 2). A broadening of the away-side azimuthal correlation compared to elementary(More)
The first complete measurements of the angular distributions of the two-body deuteron photodisintegration differential cross section at photon energies above 1.6 GeV were performed at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. The results show a persistent forward-backward asymmetry up to E ␥ ϭ2.4 GeV, the highest-energy measured in this(More)
The ratio of the electric and magnetic form factors of the proton G(E(p))/G(M(p)), which is an image of its charge and magnetization distributions, was measured at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (JLab) using the recoil polarization technique. The ratio of the form factors is directly proportional to the ratio of the transverse to(More)
LZ-53 was selected from 240 primary yeast strains from different genera and species, whose chromium (Cr) resistance and biomass were higher than others were. The highest biomass and Cr content of the strain was obtained in 30 h at 28°C and 200 rpm, when 20 ml of the culture in 250-ml shake flasks was grown in wort containing 1200 μg/ml Cr. The initial pH(More)
Measurement of deuterium oxide by infrared spectroscopy and isotope ratio mass spectrometry for quantifying daily milk intake in breastfed infants and maternal body fat Use of stable calcium isotopes (42 Ca & 44 Ca) in evaluation of calcium absorption in Beijing adolescents with low vitamin D status —W. Bulk and compound specific analysis of stool lipid(More)
In order to study the metabolism of essential trace elements in diabetics, we studied alloxan-diabetic rats for the distribution patterns of chromium (Cr), cobalt (Co), iron (Fe), selenium (Se), and zinc (Zn) in the liver, kidney, pancreas, and testes, as well as in the organ subcellular fractions. Normal rats were used as controls. Cr 50-enriched stable(More)
The dynamin family of GTP-binding proteins has been implicated as playing an important role in endocytosis. In Drosophila shibire, mutations of the single dynamin gene cause blockade of endocytosis and neurotransmitter release, manifest as temperature-sensitive neuromuscular paralysis. Mammals express three dynamin genes: the neural specific dynamin I,(More)