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—The increasing complexity of manufacturing machines and the continued demand for high productivity have led to growing applications of sensor networks to enable more reliable , timely, and comprehensive information gathering from the machines being monitored. An effective and efficient utilization of sensor networks requires new sensor designs that enable(More)
On-line monitoring of polymer melt state is critical to ensuring part quality in injection molding. This paper presents the design of a dual-parameter acoustic wireless sensor for simultaneous measurement of pressure and temperature variations within the mold cavity. The sensor consists of three major functional components: a piezoceramic energy harvester,(More)
fixed operation schedule does not take the dynamics of occupancy level in the building into consideration, therefore may lead to waste of energy. An estimate of the number of occupants in the building with time can contribute to improving the control policy of the building's HVAC system by reducing energy consumption. In this paper, the auto-regressive(More)
This research concerns a type of configuration optimization problems frequently encountered in engineering design and manufacturing, where the envelope volume in space occupied by a number of components needs to be minimized along with other objectives such as minimizing connective lines between the components under various constraints. Since in practical(More)
Forming pressure distribution on the roll surface is one of the key parameters determining quality of product in microrolling process. Prior work has led to the design, characterization, and prototyping of a roll-embedded capacitive sensing method to measure pressure distribution on the roll surface on a single line, along the axis direction. This paper(More)