Zhaoxia Zheng

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The fast Fourier transform (FFT) is a fundamental kernel of many computation-intensive scientific applications. This paper deals with an implementation of the FFT on the accelerator system, a heterogeneous multicore architecture to accelerate computation-intensive parallel computing in scientific and engineering applications. The Engineering and Scientific(More)
Power consumption and communication distance have become crucial challenges for SIM card RFID (radio frequency identification) applications. The combination of long distance 2.45 GHz radio frequency (RF) technology and low power 2 kHz near distance communication is a workable scheme. In this paper, an ultra-low frequency 2 kHz near field communication (NFC)(More)
while e-commerce is developing dramatically.it become promising and profitable for businessman.But it is significant to set up proper business model and information system based on internet, which ensure the distributed entities will running smoothly and efficiently as in the same organization.This essay explored the mode and characteristics of e-commerce(More)
An output-capacitorless low-dropout regulator (OCL-LDO), which is based on flipped-voltage-follower (FVF) using damping-factor-control (DFC) frequency compensation for SOC application, is presented in this paper. The proposed LDO with 1.2V supply, 100mA load current was designed by SMIC 0.13um standard CMOS process. Simulation results have shown that the(More)
The constant changing and complicated feature of modern market makes it very difficult to meet variable demand based on limited product configurations. This thesis explore the gray feature of modern market needs and design a optimizing framework to meet demands based on Gray Theory. KeyWordsOptimization, Prediction, demand, Gray System
While various demands from end market wind off quickly, with flexible essence in organization supply chain can match them, which is the destination of related companies and also the base of supply chain. The goal of this paper is to explore the capability of SC encountering various demands from end users. It sets the whole process into decision, execution(More)
In order to improve error performance of data storage, this paper presents a code-design algorithm for a class of structured quasi-cyclic low-density parity-check (SQC-LDPC) codes with high rate ( R >= 0.9 ) and long-length (104 < n). In the design of parity-check matrix, optimized degree distribution pairs are obtained based on the(More)
In this paper, an Ethernet controller SoC solution and its low power design for testability (DFT) for information appliances are presented. On a single chip, an enhanced one-cycle 8-bit micro controller unit (MCU), media access control (MAC) circuit and embedded memories such as static random access memory (SRAM), read only memory (ROM) and flash are all(More)
In order to efficiently optimize degree distribution of high-rate structured QC-LDPC (SQC-LDPC), based on analysis to the special structure of SQC-LDPC, this paper modifies previous degree distribution optimization method. At first, it proposes a new set of global optimization constraints for Differential Evolution (DE) algorithm. Furthermore, when Gaussian(More)
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