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In the past few years, we have been developing a robust, wide-coverage, and cogni-tive load-sensitive spoken dialog interface, CHAT (Conversational Helper for Automotive Tasks). New progress has been made to address issues related to dynamic and attention-demanding environments, such as driving. Specifically, we try to address imperfect input and imperfect(More)
The generalized concept of cutting stock problem was proposed, and the meaning of the cutting stock problem oriented to manufacturability was discussed. For one-dimensional cutting stock problem, the influencing factors and the processing methods of the manufacturability of cutting plan was researched. The function and structure of the manufacturability(More)
In this demonstration we present a conversational dialog system for automobile drivers. The system provides a voice-based interface to playing music, finding restaurants, and navigating while driving. The design of the system as well as the new technologies developed will be presented. Our evaluation showed that the system is promising, achieving high task(More)
Ultra Wideband radios will unavoidably face/cause severe interference from/to the existing narrowband systems nearby. To avoid interference, one of effective methods is to design appropriate pulse waveform. In this paper the problem of pulse design was equal to the problem of chebyshev function approximation and Remez algorithm was used to acquire the(More)
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