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CBP and EP300 are highly homologous, bromodomain-containing transcription coactivators involved in numerous cellular pathways relevant to oncology. As part of our effort to explore the potential therapeutic implications of selectively targeting bromodomains, we set out to identify a CBP/EP300 bromodomain inhibitor that was potent both in vitro and in(More)
The single bromodomain of the closely related transcriptional regulators CBP/EP300 is a target of much recent interest in cancer and immune system regulation. A co-crystal structure of a ligand-efficient screening hit and the CBP bromodomain guided initial design targeting the LPF shelf, ZA loop, and acetylated lysine binding regions. Structure-activity(More)
The biological role played by non-BET bromodomains remains poorly understood, and it is therefore imperative to identify potent and highly selective inhibitors to effectively explore the biology of individual bromodomain proteins. A ligand-efficient nonselective bromodomain inhibitor was identified from a 6-methyl pyrrolopyridone fragment. Small hydrophobic(More)
The biological function of bromodomains, epigenetic readers of acetylated lysine residues, remains largely unknown. Herein we report our efforts to discover a potent and selective inhibitor of the bromodomain of cat eye syndrome chromosome region candidate 2 (CECR2). Screening of our internal medicinal chemistry collection led to the identification of a(More)
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