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We report a novel architecture that can be used to construct optical switch fabrics with very high port count and nanoseconds switching speed. It is well known that optical switch fabrics with very fast switching time and high port count are challenging to realize. Currently, one of the most promising solutions is based on a combination of(More)
We propose a new WDM-PON architecture using Fabry-Pérot laser diodes (FP-LDs) that are injection-locked by continuous wave (CW) seed light. The modulation characteristics of the CW light injection-locked FP-LD are first investigated. Both uplink and downlink transmissions at 10 Gb/s are experimentally demonstrated using the proposed CW injection-locked(More)
We propose a novel scheme to realize multicast based on our previously reported carrier-reuse WDM-PON architecture. The subcarriers are employed to transmit the downlink point-to-point (unicast) data, whereas the carriers of the downlink subcarrier modulated lights are reused by the reflective semiconductor optical amplifiers at each optical network unit(More)
We propose and experimentally demonstrate light beam coupling between a single-mode fiber (SMF) and a highly nonlinear photonic crystal fiber (HN-PCF) based on the fused biconical tapering (FBT) technique. In our experiment, a standard SMF is pre-tapered to match its propagation constant to that of a HN-PCF. In order to remove the condensation in the air(More)
In this paper, the reachable set estimation problem is investigated for Markovian jump neural networks (NNs) with time-varying delays and bounded peak disturbances. Our goal is to find a set as small as possible which bounds all the state trajectories of the NNs under zero initial conditions. In the framework of Lyapunov-Krasovskii theorem, a newly-found(More)
Hybrid WDM–TDM PON (wavelength division multiplexing–time division multiplexing passive optical network) that applies wavelength-independent or colorless ONU (optical network unit) technologies will further reduce implementation and maintenance expenses. The “wavelength-reuse” colorless ONU technology imposes a physical constraint in the hybrid WDM–TDM PON(More)
A simplified all-optical label swapping scheme is proposed and experimentally demonstrated for all-optical packet switching. This scheme is based on the sub-carrier label multiplexing technique but it significantly reduces the cost and complexity of the label erasure and rewriting process at the intermediate nodes. This is accomplished using a shared(More)
A large scale wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. 124 bidirectional optical channels with 10-Gb/s downstream and 1.25-Gb/s upstream transmission are simultaneously distributed by a single 32*32 cyclic AWG. The effect of the extinction ratio and seeding power to BER performance are(More)