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In this correspondence, we propose a novel method to extract illumination insensitive features for face recognition under varying lighting called the gradient faces. Theoretical analysis shows gradient faces is an illumination insensitive measure, and robust to different illumination, including uncontrolled, natural lighting. In addition, gradient faces is(More)
Linear discriminant analysis (LDA) is well known as a powerful tool for discriminant analysis. In the case of a small training data set, however, it cannot directly be applied to high-dimensional data. This case is the so-called small-sample-size or undersampled problem. In this paper, we propose an exponential discriminant analysis (EDA) technique to(More)
Keywords: Visual saliency Probabilistic model Center shift Multiscale analysis Salient object Human fixation a b s t r a c t This paper proposes a novel method for visual saliency detection based on an universal probabilistic model, which measures the saliency by combining low level features and location prior. We view the task of estimating visual saliency(More)
This paper introduces a new computational visual-attention model for static and dynamic saliency maps. First, we use the Earth Mover's Distance (EMD) to measure the center-surround difference in the receptive field, instead of using the Difference-of-Gaussian filter that is widely used in many previous visual-attention models. Second, we propose to take two(More)