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This paper presents a block-based low-complexity screen compression scheme. In this scheme, the input screen is split into non-overlapping blocks which are classified as pictorial blocks and textual blocks. We design a low-complexity yet efficient algorithm to compress the textual blocks. We use base colors plus escape pixels to represent and quantize the(More)
In this paper, we present a proxy-based mobile web browser with rich experiences. We use the server-side web parsing and rendering to leverage the browser computing logic. We use a composite screen format to represent the display of the web content, incorporating the web background screen and the dynamic web objects. And then we employ a slice-based screen(More)
Push notification is an important approach to distribute interesting information to users timely. With the fast development of mobile devices and mobile applications, push notification is getting more and more popular. The convergence of mobile and IoT also bring new challenges on how the system can handle the mixed push channels designed for M2M(More)
Emerging Internet of Things(IoT) applications are moving from silo and small scale sensor data sharing to composite and large scale ones. With the rapid growth of application scale, IoT applications is going to leverage cloud infrastructure for scalable solutions and real-time services. Thus large volumes of heterogeneous and high frequency sensor data are(More)
The rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought great changes for non-contact and non-destructive sensing and diagnosis. For every inanimate object can tell us something by the sound it makes, acoustic sensor demonstrates great advantages comparing to conventional electronic and mechanic sensors in such cases: overcoming environmental(More)
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