Zhaoshun Wang

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Quality of Service (QoS) has gained more importance with the increase in usage and adoption of web services. In recent years, various tools and techniques developed for measurement and evaluation of QoS of web services. There are commercial as well as open-source tools available today which are being used for monitoring and testing QoS for web services.(More)
A new kind of retrieval software architecture about structured data and Non-structured data was proposed in this paper. In the past, because of the great differences between them, we have to use different ways to deal with their data retrieval. We have been using SQL statements in the structured database search, and using index search in the non-structured(More)
Device synchronization is a new technology integrated into the cloud which has seen widespread implementation from major cloud vendors but has not been spared of attacks by MITC attacks directed towards cloud synchronization achieved via a myriad of attack vectors. These target the synchronization token which lacks authenticity validation of the token(More)
Ransomware techniques have evolved over time with the most resilient attacks making data recovery practically impossible. This has driven countermeasures to shift towards recovery against prevention but in this paper, we model ransomware attacks from an infection vector point of view. We follow the basic infection chain of crypto ransomware and use Bayesian(More)
GUI library of Linux has not unified standards and this is not the same as that of Windows. So there are a variety of Linux desktop operating systems, and it is a difficult problem for the development of the testing tools in Linux. For solving the problems presently, this paper proposed a general record/playback technique based on X11 in Linux. By this(More)
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