Zhaosheng Huang

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BACKGROUND This study aims to establish a diagnostic scoring scheme for Shanghuo (Heatiness) and to evaluate whether Shanghuo is associated with biochemical parameters of salivary lysozyme (LYZ), salivary secreted immunoglobulin (S-IgA), salivary amylase (AMS), and saliva flow rate (SFR). METHODS We collected 121 Shanghuo patients at the Affiliated(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the modulating of Aloe Polysaccharides on the cell cycle and cycle regulating protein expression in X-ray irradiated non-malignant cells. METHODS The cell cycle was analyzed by flow cytometric analyzed. The levels of cell cycle regulating protein expression were tested by Western blot. RESULTS A distinct G2/M block happened in 293 and(More)
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