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To investigate short-term effects of ambient ozone exposure on mortality in Chinese cities, we conducted a meta-analysis of 10 effect estimates of 5 short-term studies, which reported associations between ambient ozone and mortality in Chinese mainland cities. And we estimated pooled effects by non-accidental mortality, cardiovascular mortality, and(More)
The no-load state and zero-stress state of the normal rat trachea were analyzed. It was found that there exist compressive residual strains in the inner wall region of the rat trachea and tensile residual strains in the outer wall region. The fact that the opening angle of the rat trachea cut at the cartilaginous region is significantly larger than that cut(More)
Epidemiological studies have widely demonstrated association between ambient ozone and mortality, though controversy remains, and most of them only use a certain metric to assess ozone levels. However, in China, few studies have investigated the acute effects of ambient ozone, and rare studies have compared health effects of multiple daily metrics of ozone.(More)
To reveal how the matching models of the left ventricle and its afterload affect the pressure and flow in the aortic mt, the differences between the measured pressure and flow waveforms and those determined by three kinds of matching model were compared. The results showed that, compared with the results by both matching models 1 and 2, the pressure and(More)
The parallel-plate flow chamber (PPFC) with rectangular shape, of which the height is far smaller than its own length and width, is one of the main apparatus for in vitro studies of the mechanical behavior of the cells. Considering that the Reynolds numbers of flows in the usually used PPFCs are small, a perturbation solution of laminar pulsatile Casson(More)
To combat the effect of multi-path fading, Rake receivers are used in conjunction with code division multiple access (CDMA) systems. In this paper, we main introduce the finger assignment method for Rake receivers. First, we will simply review the Rake receiver. Then we will investigate several kinds of finger assignment method in single cell and multi-cell(More)
In this paper, we investigate a finger combining scheme to save the power consumption of mobile rake receiver without the performance loss. The proposed scheme is called as GSEC(Generalized Switch-and-Examine Combining) with an output threshold which selects any branches whose SNR is above an input-threshold until the combined SNR is larger than an(More)