Zhaorong Lin

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As an effective approach for reducing hyperspectral data dimension, band selection has been widely used in the fields of classification and identification of specific objects. Combining genetic algorithm and the k-means clustering method, we propose a new band selection method for hyperspectral data in this paper. It is composed of three main steps. First,(More)
This paper presents an infrared image processing system for monitoring and mapping the thermal distribution of regions in mobile remote sensing applications. The processing system consists of five modules: non-uniformity correction, trajectory segmentation, odd even correction, image projection and visualization. It has been designed to perform thermal(More)
A quad-head combined aerial camera is first introduced in this paper. Due to its multiple center projection at each exposure station, an image post-processing procedure including camera calibration, matching, self-calibration stitching and color balancing is proposed to generate the stitched virtual image, in which the mathematical models of geometric(More)
The fixed pattern noise (FPN) of the infrared focal plane array severely limits the system performance, and the nonuniformity correction algorithm is a key technique of thermal imaging system. The scene-based non-uniformity correction algorithm does not require a shutter to block the field of view, but utilizes the scene information of image sequences to(More)
An image processing software system framework for aerial remote sensing is designed and implemented in this paper. Different from commercial remote sensing processing software for satellite platforms, a serial of functions, including radiometric correction, geometric correction, image mosaic and fusion, are proposed referring to the feature of the aerial(More)