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Automic palmprint verification is an important complement of biometric authentication. As the first attempt of personal identification by palmprint, this paper explores different methods for three main processing stages in palmprint verification including datum point registration, line feature extraction and palmprint classification. The datum points of(More)
Tangent Distance (TD) is one classical method for invariant pattern classification. However, conventional TD need pre-obtain tangent vectors, which is difficult except for image objects. This paper extends TD to more general pattern classification tasks. The basic assumption is that tangent vectors can be approximately represented by the pattern variations.(More)
Probabilistic subspace similarity-based face matching is an efficient face recognition algorithm proposed by Moghaddam et al. It makes one basic assumption: the intra-class face image set spans a linear space. However, there are yet no rational geometric interpretations of the similarity under that assumption. This paper investigates two subjects. First, we(More)
Kernel PCA is an efficient method for nonlinear feature extraction. We address two issues in kernel PCA based feature extraction and classification. First, it extracts features without utilizing sample label information. Second, it does not provide a practical means to choose the dimensionality for principal subspace. In this paper, one kind of(More)