Zhaopin Su

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Keywords: Multi-agent systems Multiple virtual organizations Overlapping coalition formation Discrete particle swarm optimization Two-dimensional binary encoding Resource conflict Encoding repair a b s t r a c t Coalition formation is an active and essential component for multi-agent systems (MAS) in task-oriented domains in which tasks can be too(More)
Speech encryption is becoming increasingly important as the increasing relevance of multimedia applications such as video conference and news broadcasting. However, multimedia encryption and decryption are often computationally demanding and unpractical for power-constrained devices and narrow bandwidth environments. It is a challenge to obtain a good(More)
—Video encryption is becoming increasingly important as multimedia applications gain more and more popularity. With a focus on the widely-used H.264 video coding standard, various encryption algorithms based on the intra prediction mode have been developed while suffering limited scrambling space and inadequate security. In this paper, the existing(More)
In multi-agent systems, agents are inclined to form coalitions to improve individual performance and perform tasks more efficiently. However, the most existing researches assume that the desired outcome is a coalition structure that consists of disjoint coalitions where every agent that has joined a coalition is no longer available to join other coalitions,(More)
MP3 is a promising carrier format for covert communication, and how to secure its fidelity and integrity is a significant problem. In this paper, we propose a semi-fragile MP3 watermarking method for tamper detection by exploiting the rule of window switching during encoding. The method carries out embedding by establishing a mapping relationship between(More)
Coalitional skill games (CSGs) are a simple model of cooperation in an uncertain environment where each agent has a set of skills that are required to accomplish a variety of tasks and each task requires a set of skills to be completed, but each skill is very hard to be quantified and can only be qualitatively expressed. Thus far, many computational(More)
Keywords: Multi-software Reliability allocation Uncertainty Dempster–Shafer theory Differential evolution a b s t r a c t In multimedia platform with many applications, reliability allocation plays an important role in the design of a software and has attracted increasing attention in recent years. Thus far, the issues of software reliability allocation(More)