Zhaoming Wu

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Multi-label learning deals with the classification problems where each instance can be assigned with multiple labels simultaneously. Conventional multi-label learning approaches mainly focus on exploiting label correlations. It is usually assumed, explicitly or implicitly, that the label sets for training instances are fully labeled without any missing(More)
According to the current situation of the credit risk assessment in commercial banks, a hybrid intelligent system is applied to the study of credit risk assessment in commercial banks, combining rough set approach and support vector machine (SVM). The information table can be reduced, which showed that the number of evaluation criteria such as financial(More)
Much research of theory and application has been done on analytic hierarchy process after it was proposed. But the pair-wise comparison matrix with interval numbers has not been studied very well. In this paper, the indefinite circumstances that exist in the process of decision-making are considered. Therefore, interval numbers are adopted to replace the(More)
Vangl2, one of the core components of the planar cell polarity (PCP) pathway, has an important role in the regulation of morphogenesis in several tissues. Although the expression of Vangl2 has been detected in the developing tooth, its role in tooth morphogenesis is not known. In this study, we show that Vangl2 is expressed in the inner dental epithelium(More)
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