Zhaoming Ou

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Image retargeting addresses the problem of adapting images to display on devices with small sizes and different aspect ratios. A fisheye warping method for image retargeting is presented in this paper. Our method emphasizes important aspects of images without completely discarding the remaining parts and can solve the multi-focus problem. We have designed(More)
With the development of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), people's work has become much more efficient by using groupware systems that support collaborative editing. However, many collaborative editing systems only support one type of documents and are sometimes even more difficult to use than traditional software. As a result, we designed and(More)
Image retargeting is a technique to adapt an original image to diverse screen sizes and aspect ratios on computing devices. This paper focuses on adapting large images for a small display. Some existing methods, such as scaling, cropping, and fisheye warping, are often flawed because they may lose the necessary details of the image, scarify content(More)
With the development of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), groupware systems that support collaborative editing have been developing rapidly. Real-time collaborative editing system is groupware systems that allow groups of users from different sites to view and edit the same documents at the same time. Consistency maintenance is one of the most(More)
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