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Fiduciary Society and Confucian Theory of Xin - on Tu Wei-ming's fiduciarity proposal
This paper evaluates Tu Wei-ming's proposal that the Confucian ideal model of human society should be viewed as a fiduciary community. To do the evaluation, I provide a systematic elaboration of Tu'sExpand
Analyse des fondements de la theorie du Xing humain chez Mencius, qui designe ce que l'on appelle la nature humaine, mais qui peut se comprendre dans le sens d'un acte creatif ou de l'heritage d'uneExpand
The Philosophical Challenge from China (Book Review)
The philosophical challenge from China is an anthology consisting of 13 interesting essays written by scholars who are working at the interface of classic Chinese philosophy and mainstream analyticExpand
The Causes of Why America Sponsored the Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions Negotiations in Central Europe
The intention of MBFR came into being gradually in the combined action of US-Soviet arms competition and evading confliction.The Nixon government had three mainly targets in MBFR.Firstly,theExpand
Hong Xiuquan's Inferiority Complex and Character Trait
Born low and failure in the imperial exams, Hong Xiuquan had the inferiority complex. After the peasant uprising, Yang Xiuqing and Xiao Chaogui, on the pretext of God Father and God Brother,Expand
Justice, Humanity, and Social Toleration (Book Review)
Embodied cognition (Book review)
On the Discussion of the Origins of Evolutionism in Modern China
The origins of evolutionism in modern China include the change thought of ancient China,the naive evolutionism of confucian classics and the evolutionism in the west.In modern China,some thinkersExpand
Leadership or Cooperation:Adjustment of the Nixon administration's Policy toward Europe
The differentiation of capitalist powers and the detente between the East-West were some kind of releasing to the Cold War's pressure.When Richard Milhous Nixon being the president,AmericanExpand