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We experimentally demonstrate subwavelength resolution imaging at microwave frequencies by a three-dimensional (3D) photonic-crystal flat lens using full 3D negative refraction. The photonic crystal was fabricated in a layer-by-layer process. A subwavelength pinhole source and a dipole detector were employed for the measurement. By point-by-point scanning,(More)
Image completion is an important task in the field of image processing with broad applications in image and vision analysis. we consider the image completion problem arising in image restoration: part of an image has been removed, and we want to restore the image from the remaining, possibly noisy, portion. In this paper, we present a new approach based on(More)
We present our experimental demonstration of self-collimation inside a three-dimensional (3D) simple cubic photonic crystal at microwave frequencies. The photonic crystal was designed with unique dispersion property and fabricated by a high precision computer-controlled machine. The self-collimation modes were excited by a grounded waveguide feeding and(More)
An efficient coupler between a dielectric waveguide and a plasmonic metal-insulator-metal (MIM) waveguide is proposed, modeled, fabricated, and characterized. Based on the platform of a silicon slot waveguide, a quasi-MIM plasmonic junction is formed via e-beam lithography and lift-off process. Coupling efficiency between the silicon slot waveguide and(More)
Recent work demonstrated light transmission through deep subwavelength slits or coupling light into waveguides with deep subwavelength dimension only in one direction. In this paper, we propose an approach to squeeze light (lambda = 1550 nm) from a dielectric waveguide into a deep subwavelength spot. Vertical confinement is achieved by efficiently coupling(More)
We experimentally demonstrate focusing and guiding electromagnetic (EM) waves in a designer surface plasmonic waveguide with deep subwavelength mode cross section. Our experiments show that a metal grating with suitable parameters, functioning as a designer surface plasmonic waveguide, can support deep subwavelength surface modes and the width of the modes(More)
We present a method for parallel coupling from a single-mode fiber, or fiber ribbon, into a silicon-on-insulator waveguide for integration with silicon optoelectronic circuits. The coupler incorporates the advantages of the vertically tapered waveguides and prism couplers, yet offers the flexibility of planar integration. The coupler can be fabricated by(More)
We present the experimental demonstration of imaging by all-angle negative refraction in a 3D photonic crystal flat lens at microwave frequencies. The flat lens is made of a body-centered cubic photonic crystal (PhC) whose dispersion at the third band results in group velocity opposite to phase velocity for electromagnetic waves. We fabricated the photonic(More)