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PURPOSE To define copy number alterations and gene expression signatures underlying pediatric high-grade glioma (HGG). PATIENTS AND METHODS We conducted a high-resolution analysis of genomic imbalances in 78 de novo pediatric HGGs, including seven diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas, and 10 HGGs arising in children who received cranial irradiation for a(More)
KLF4/GKLF normally functions in differentiating epithelial cells, but also acts as a transforming oncogene in vitro. To examine the role of this zinc finger protein in skin, we expressed the wild-type human allele from inducible and constitutive promoters. When induced in basal keratinocytes, KLF4 rapidly abolished the distinctive properties of basal and(More)
The transcription factors Notch1 and KLF4 specify epithelial cell fates and confer stem cell properties. Suggesting a functional relationship, each gene can act to promote or suppress tumorigenesis in a context-dependent manner, and alteration of KLF4 or Notch pathway genes in mice gives rise to similar phenotypes. Activation of a conditional allele of KLF4(More)
KLF4 is induced upon growth-arrest in vitro and during epithelial maturation in vivo, and is essential for proper cell fate specification of post-mitotic cells. In spite of a normal role in post-mitotic cells, expression is upregulated and constitutive in certain tumor types. KLF4 functions as an oncogene in vitro, and enforced expression in basal cells of(More)
Pure erythroid leukemia is a rare subtype of acute erythroid leukemia that is characterized by a predominant erythroid population, and erythroblastic sarcoma has not yet been described in the English literature. Here, we report a first case of erythroblastic sarcoma that presented as bilateral ovarian masses in a 3 ½-month-old infant girl with pure(More)
Polycomb repression complex 2 (PRC2) component EZH2 tri-methylates H3K27 and exerts epigenetic repression on target gene expression. EZH2-mediated epigenetic control of RNA polymerase II (Pol II) transcribed coding gene transcription has been well established. However, little is known about EZH2-mediated epigenetic regulation of RNA polymerase III (Pol III)(More)
Kindlin-2 regulates external to internal cell signaling by interaction with integrins in a process that involves the tyrosine kinase, Src. However, the underlying mechanisms remain elusive. Here we report that Src binds to and phosphorylates Kindlin-2 at Y193. Reciprocally, Kindlin-2-Y193 phosphorylation activates and maintains Src kinase activity.(More)
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