Zhaoju Deng

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Prototheca zopfii is an important bovine mastitis pathogen, which could result in severe mammary infection. However, the innate immune response in bovine mastitis associated with P. zopfii was not clear. Therefore, the aim of this study is to investigate in vitro innate immune responses implicated by P. zopfii. Bovine mammary epithelial cells (bMECs) were(More)
Protothecal mastitis, caused mostly by Prototheca zopfii (P. zopfii), is increasing in dairy herds and is being reported globally. The present study was aimed at studying the epidemiology of mastitis and at molecular characterization of P. zopfii isolates from dairy herds and their surroundings in three provinces of China using microbiological, biochemical(More)
Knowledge of the incidence of clinical mastitis (CM) and the distribution of pathogens involved is essential for development of prevention and control programs as well as treatment protocols. No country-wide study on the incidence of CM and the distribution of pathogens involved has been conducted in China. Core objectives of this study were, therefore, to(More)
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