Zhaohui Zhang

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Tropical rainfall patterns control the subsistence lifestyle of more than one billion people. Seasonal changes in these rainfall patterns are associated with changes in the position of the intertropical convergence zone, which is characterized by deep convection causing heavy rainfall near 10◦ N in boreal summer and 3◦ N in boreal winter. Dynamic controls(More)
Five species of freshwater green algae, including three strains of Botryococcus braunii (two A Race, one B Race), Eudorina unicocca and Volvox aureus, were cultured under controlled conditions in media containing different concentrations of deuterium. The hydrogen isotopic ratios of lipids in the algae, including alkadienes, botryococcenes, heptadecenes,(More)
Tetramethylpyrazine and ferulic acid are two active ingredients of a Chinese herbal medicine Ligusticum wallichi Franchat. In the present investigation, iron-induced oxidative neuronal damage and the protective effects of tetramethylpyrazine and ferulic acid against this induction were studied in primary cultures of rat cerebellar granule cells. When(More)
Horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands (HSSF CWs) with and without redox manipulation by front aeration were operated to treat mechanically pretreated wastewater from a nearby wastewater treatment plant. Polymerase chain reaction-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis and 454-pyrosequencing were used to characterize the shifts in bacterial(More)
The distribution of C3 and C4 plants changed in regionally contrasting ways during the last glacial period. C4 plant expansion in low-latitude Africa and America coincided with C4 plant decreases in Mesoamerica and the US Great Plains. This C4 plant expansion has been attributed to lower pCO2 and increased aridity and the decline in C4 plants is believed to(More)
Several high-resolution proxy environmental records have been obtained for the last 35 kyr from ODP Hole 658C, a well-studied site ca. 200 km o€ Cap Blanc, NW Africa. The collective assessment based on the marine proxies (U 0 37 SST, contents of TOC and chlorins, Upwelling Radiolarian Index and the percentage of Florisphaera profunda), surprisingly(More)
Mycosporine-like amino acids (MAA) are a class of small, water-soluble ultraviolet (UV)-absorbing compounds composed of aminocyclohexenone or aminocycloheximine rings with nitrogen or imino alcohol substitutes. Their absorption maxima are from 310 to 360 nm. They have been reported in green, red and brown algae from torrid zones, temperate zones and polar(More)
Wireless based data acquisition solutions are widely used in many fields like structure monitoring, transportation or environmental studies. This paper presents a General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) based remote data acquisition and forecasting system, which monitors the geological disasters along the natural gas pipeline under the ground. The field data(More)
Tetramethylpyrazine is one of the active ingredients of the Chinese herb Ligusticum wallichii Franchat. By electron spin resonance spin trapping methods, effects of tetramethylpyrazine on superoxide anion and nitric oxide generated by human polymorphonuclear leukocytes were studied. During the respiratory burst of polymorphonuclear leukocytes induced by(More)
Collagen (JC) was extracted from jellyfish (Rhopilema esculentum) and hydrolyzed to prepare collagen hydrolysate (JCH). The protective effects of JC and JCH against UV-induced damages to mice skin were evaluated and compared in this article. JC and JCH could alleviate the UV-induced abnormal changes of antioxidative indicators, including the superoxide(More)