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—SAR image compression is very important in reducing the costs of data storage and transmission in relatively slow channels. In this paper, we propose a compression scheme driven by texture analysis, homogeneity mapping and speckle noise reduction within the wavelet framework. The image com-pressibility and interpretability are improved by incorporating(More)
Despite recent advances in understanding the pattern and timescale of evolutionary diversification in the marten, wolverine, fisher, and tayra subfamily Guloninae (Mustelidae, Carnivora), several important issues still remain contentious. Among these are the phylogenetic position of Gulo relative to the subgenera of Martes (Martes and Charronia), the(More)
—Multifilter banks having all properties of symmetry, balancing, optimum time-frequency resolution, arbitrary order vanishing moment, orthogonality and compactly supported together are constructed for the first time. Thus overcome the shortcoming of the present orthogonal optimum time-frequency resolution multifilter banks that have only the properties of(More)
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