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We present a real-time liveness detection approach against photograph spoofing in face recognition, by recognizing spontaneous eyeblinks, which is a non-intrusive manner. The approach requires no extra hardware except for a generic webcamera. Eyeblink sequences often have a complex underlying structure. We formulate blink detection as inference in an(More)
Nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) is a popular technique for finding parts-based, linear representations of nonnegative data. It has been successfully applied in a wide range of applications such as pattern recognition, information retrieval, and computer vision. However, NMF is essentially an unsupervised method and cannot make use of label(More)
This issues Works in Progress department features 10 interesting ongoing intelligent transportation systems projects. The first five projects (TIME, Sentient Transport, EVT, DynaCHINA, TrafficView) focus on traffic and vehicular data collection, transmission, and analysis. The sixth projects aims to provide intelligent-copilot services for driven, while the(More)
Symmetry is a pervasive phenomenon presenting itself in all forms and scales in natural and manmade environments. Its detection plays an essential role at all levels of human as well as machine perception. The recent resurging interest in computational symmetry for computer vision and computer graphics applications has motivated us to conduct a US NSF(More)
Integrating relational databases is recently acknowledged as an important vision of the Semantic Web research, however there are not many well-implemented tools and not many applications that are in large-scale real use either. This paper introduces the Dartgrid which is an application development framework together with a set of semantic tools to(More)
Service integration is an important issue in service-oriented computing. As an infrastructure for service-oriented architectures, the enterprise service bus (ESB) has been regarded as a promising way to support dynamic and agile service integration in distributed heterogeneous environments. The authors' ESB framework for large-scale service integration,(More)
In this paper we address face authentication based on profiles extracted from range data. Three kinds of profiles are defined, then extracted, and are combined to classify. For obtaining central profile, a novel robust symmetry plane detection method is proposed. A global profile matching approach based on the partial Hausdorff metric is presented to align(More)
This paper investigates facial expression effects in face recognition from 3D shape using partial ICP. The partial ICP method could implicitly and dynamically extract the rigid parts of facial surface by selecting a part of nearest points pairs to calculate dissimilarity measure during registration of facial surfaces. The method is expected to be able to(More)
An increasing number of real-time applications like railway signaling control systems and medical electronics systems require high quality of security to assure confidentiality and integrity of information. Therefore, it is desirable and essential to fulfill security requirements in security-critical real-time systems. This paper addresses the issue of(More)