Zhaohui J. Cai

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Most theories addressed to the functions of sleep are proposed primarily according to the results in one area of sleep research and may not be compatible with the results in other areas of sleep research. This paper provides a new theory regarding the functions of sleep by integratively analyzing different areas of sleep research. First, it concludes from(More)
  • Z J Cai
  • 1995
Various studies suggest that some sleep functions, especially some slow wave sleep functions, are indispensable in mammals and related to brain regulation. It has been proposed that two of these functions are the adjustment of emotional balance and the processing of acquired emotional memories. During waking, the gradual accumulation of various randomly(More)
  • Z J Cai
  • 1990
This paper proposes a new theory addressing the neural mechanism of declarative memory consolidation and retrieval. The premise of the theory is that the cortex is responsible for the storage of declarative memory while the medial temporal lobe is responsible for the consolidation and retrieval of declarative memory. The theory suggests that the medial(More)
Continuous flow (microfluidic) chemistry was employed to prepare a small focused library of dihydropyrimidinone (DHPM) derivatives. Compounds in this class have been reported to exhibit activity against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), but their molecular target had not been identified. We tested the initial set of DHPMs in phenotypic assays(More)
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