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Tissue engineering (TE) is an important emerging area in biomedical engineering for creating biological alternatives for harvested tissues, implants, and prostheses. In TE, a highly porous artificial extracellular matrix or scaffold is required to accommodate mammalian cells and guide their growth and tissue regeneration in three-dimension (3D). However,(More)
Our ability to create systems with large amount of hardware parallelism is exceeding the average software developer's ability to effectively program them. This is a problem that plagues our industry. Since the vast majority of the world's software developers are not parallel programming experts, making it easy to write, port, and debug applications with(More)
The triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), with a particularly poor prognosis, is increasingly recognized as heterogeneous in molecular signatures. MicroRNA expression profiles have been used for the classification and prognostication of breast cancer, numerous significantly upregulated microRNAs, i.e. miR-21, have been verified oncogenic in non-TNBCs. In(More)
Multicore processors are about to become prevalent in the PC world. Meanwhile, over 90% of the computing cycles are estimated to be consumed by streaming media applications [24]. Although stream programming exposes parallelism naturally, we found that achieving high performance on multiprocessors is challenging. Therefore, we develop a parallel compiler for(More)
BACKGROUND Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) has caused major public health concerns worldwide, and has become one of the leading causes of children death. China is the most serious epidemic area with a total of 3,419,149 reported cases just from 2008 to 2010, and its different geographic areas might have different spatial epidemiology characteristics at(More)
BACKGROUND Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS) is an emerging infectious disease caused by a novel bunyavirus. The spatial distribution has continued to expand, while the areas at potential high risk of SFTS have, to date, remained unclear. METHODS Using ecological factors as predictors, the MaxEnt model was first trained based on the(More)
Protein-ligand binding and the concomitant conformational change in the protein are of crucial importance in biophysics and drug design. We report a novel method to quantify protein-ligand interactions in solution by mass spectrometry, titration, and H/D exchange (PLIMSTEX). The approach can determine the conformational change, binding stoichiometry, and(More)
Keywords: Wind turbines Fault diagnosis Second-order stochastic resonance Morlet wavelet transform Multiscale noise a b s t r a c t Condition monitoring of a wind turbine is important to extend the wind turbine system's reliability and useful life. However, in many cases, to extract feature components becomes challenging and the applicability of information(More)
Multiprocessors are about to become prevalent in the PC world. Major CPU vendors such as Intel and Advanced Micro Devices have recently announced their imminent migration to multicore processors. Affine partitioning provides a systematic framework to find asymptotically optimal computation and data decomposition for multiprocessors, including multicore(More)