Zhaohua Chang

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This study established a numerical model to investigate the degradation mechanism and behavior of bioabsorbable cardiovascular stents. In order to generate the constitutive degradation material model, the degradation characteristics were characterized with user-defined field variables. The radial strength bench test and analysis were used to verify the(More)
The key problem of cryoablation is that only freezing is often unable to kill the capillaries at tumor edges, leading to a high rate of recurrence. Here, we found that Fe3O4 nanoparticles were highly useful to improve the freezing capability of cryosurgery due to their ability to alter intracellular ice formation (IIF) and growth in tumor cells. The killing(More)
In this paper, a novel registration method is presented for three-dimensional mapping of cardiac chambers and computed tomography (CT) segmented surfaces. The proposed method applies random perturbations to three-dimensional mapping of cardiac chambers in order to move out of local minima. It effectively solves the problem of the existing algorithm based on(More)
This comparative study investigated the biodegradation behavior and mechanism of bioresorbable cardiovascular scaffolds using bench testing under physiological conditions and in vivo experiment. The results show that the molecular weight of the scaffold decreased with respect to time after implantation in both in vivo and in vitro tests. It was found that(More)
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