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Fraud, deception and their recognition have received increasing attention in multiagent systems (MAS), e-commerce, and agent societies. However, little attention has been given to the theoretical foundation for fraud and deception from a logical viewpoint. We fill this gap by arguing that experience-based reasoning (EBR) is a logical foundation for(More)
In the current technological world, Web services play an integral role in service computing and social networking services. This is also the case in the traditional FREG (foods, resources, energy, and goods) services because almost all traditional services are replaced fully or partially by Web services. presents comprehensive and in-depth studies that(More)
  • Zhaohao Sun
  • 2004
This paper examines experience and knowledge, experience management (EM) and knowledge management (KM), and their interrelationships. It then proposes waterfall models for both EM and KM. The models characterize EM and KM as the integration of experience processing and corresponding management, that of knowledge processing and corresponding management(More)
Obesity has become one of the most prevalent health problems around the world. Many obesity therapy cases need efficient management in order to be shared and utilized. Prescription management has been proved to be successful strategy in obesity management. Since a case usually contains incomplete information, this article examines probabilistic case-based(More)