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Energy is one of the most critical economic, environmental, and developmental issues in the world. Developing countries in particular need access to a reliable, affordable, clean, and efficient energy service to elevate standards of living and to reduce poverty. As the largest and most populous continent after Asia, Africa has only 2% of the world's(More)
The intermittent nature of distributed renewable generation presents significant challenges for microgrid operation. Advanced demand-side management, with innovative structures and technologies, provides feasible solutions for this issue. This paper presents a stochastic resource planning strategy for the microgrid to optimally manage its resources on both(More)
Similar to other major electrical apparatuses, the reliability and stability of the dc network is becoming the most important issue when using the voltage-source-converter-based multiterminal dc (VSC-MTDC) system for offshore wind power integration. A coordinated control strategy of VSC-MTDC named master-auxiliary is proposed by combining the advantages of(More)
This paper proposes a three-level transformer condition assessment model based on matter-element cloud theory and evidential reasoning decision-making theory. Both quantitative and qualitative factors are considered in the model. Matter-element cloud model is utilized to integrate the quantitative indices with their optimal weights to assess the condition(More)
Under a deregulated market environment, industrial customers can participate in multiple markets with different time ranges to purchase electricity. Transactions in different markets make the industrial customer involve in different levels of cost uncertainties and risks. To solve this energy procurement portfolio problem, a medium-term operation model is(More)
Implementing renewable generation becomes one of the most practical approaches to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the power sector. A microgrid, with its flexible scale and structure, can be a good platform to integrate distributed conventional and renewable generation resources. In this paper, a stochastic operation scheduling scheme is proposed to(More)
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