Zhaofei Chen

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The fast spreading of smart mobile devices has changed the way people create and share multimedia contents. A recently proposed idea is to distribute contents opportunistically when devices are within each other's communication range. In this work we have seized this idea and designed and implemented a real-time music-sharing application that allows people(More)
Six 3D architectures based on lanthanide-substituted polyoxometalosilicates, KLn[(H(2)O)(6)Ln](2)[(H(2)O)(4)LnSiW(11)O(39)](2)·nH(2)O (Ln = La 1, n = 42; Ce 2, n = 40), H[(H(2)O)(6)Nd](2)[(H(2)O)(7)Nd][(H(2)O)(4)NdSiW(11)O(39)][(H(2)O)(3)NdSiW(11)O(39)]·13H(2)O (3), H(2)K(2)[(Hpic)(H(2)O)(5)Ln](2)[(H(2)O)(4)LnSiW(11)O(39)](2)·nH(2)O (Ln = La 4, n = 18.5; Ce(More)
Predicting colorectal cancer (CRC) based on fecal microbiota presents a promising method for non-invasive screening of CRC, but the optimization of classification models remains an unaddressed question. The purpose of this study was to systematically evaluate the effectiveness of different supervised machine-learning models in predicting CRC in two(More)
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