Zhaochu Yang

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Rapid growth of the aged population has caused an immense increase in the demand for healthcare services. Generally, the elderly are more prone to health problems compared to other age groups. With effective monitoring and alarm systems, the adverse effects of unpredictable events such as sudden illnesses, falls, and so on can be ameliorated to some extent.(More)
This paper presents a novel equipment with an improved structure of the magnetron sputtering for thin film fabrication. By using this equipment, a vanadium oxide thin film with a better TCR and uniformity can be fabricated. In this equipment, two magnets are aligned with the wafer table eccentrically so that the coupling effect is rendered. This changes the(More)
In the present work, the microfabricated impedance sensing array (MISA) unit, based on interdigitated microelectrodes (IDMEs) coated with nickel hexacyanoferrate (NiHCF) film, is presented as an alternative solution to detect pathogens. The NiHCF film, which provide a [Fe(CN)<inf>6</inf>]<sup>3-/4-</sup> probe-free redox reaction, was functionalized with(More)
Ultra-sensitive Bio-MEMS devices can automatically perform multiple laboratory functions on chips and measure traces of molecules. This research work demonstrates that the novel lab-on-a-chip system can quantify hormones in a blood sample at subfemtomolar levels with high specificity and development potential to a high-throughput tool. The notable advantage(More)
This paper presents a novel method to analyze the thermal conductance under vacuum environment for MEMS devices. The Si/Ge-based Pirani gauge introduced is developed for monitoring the package hermeticity of MEMS Bolometer array, which has the total same structure as the single bolometer pixel for the characteristic of functional material. Meanwhile the(More)
Clogging failure is common for microfilter utilizing the flat membrane structure. To reduce clogging failure in microfilters, the turbine blade-like micropillar is introduced in microfilter design. Two improved cross-flow microfilter designs employing the blade-like micropillar barrier are presented, one with varied cross-section channels, and the other(More)
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