Zhao-yang Chen

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To evaluate the gas production performance of the hydrate accumulations in the South China Sea, a numerical simulation with warm brine stimulation combined depressurization has been conducted. A dual horizontal well system is considered as the well configuration in this work. In order to reduce energy input and improve energy utilization, warm brine (<30(More)
Based on the available measurement data and literature on the hydrate deposits of the South China Sea, a numerical simulation with a new dual horizontal well system has been carried out. Warm brine stimulation combined with depressurization is employed as the production method. Two horizontal wells were situated in the same horizontal plane and they were(More)
Since the nanoindentation technique is able to measure the mechanical properties of extremely thin layers and small volumes with a high resolution, it also became one of the most important testing techniques for thin polymer layers and coatings. This work is focusing on the characterization of polymers using nanoindentation, which is dealt with by means of(More)
In this communication, a novel platanus hispanica-like, highly integrated hierarchical electrocatalyst, with Co-carbon nanotubes anchored through porous Co embedded carbon sphere frameworks (Co-CNTFs), was fabricated using a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method. More importantly, the prepared Co-CNTFs demonstrate even better activity than commercial Pt(More)
The behavior of hydrate formation in porous sediment has been widely studied because of its importance in the investigation of reservoirs and in the drilling of natural gas hydrate. However, it is difficult to understand the hydrate nucleation and growth mechanism on the surface and in the nanopores of porous media by experimental and numerical simulation(More)
Core-shell composites with strong phase-phase contact could provide an incentive for catalytic activity. A simple, yet efficient, H2O-mediated method has been developed to synthesize a mesoscopic core-shell W@WC architecture with a dodecahedral microstructure, via a one-pot reaction. The H2O plays an important role in the resistance of carbon diffusion,(More)
A study on electrochemical hydrodehalogenation of pentachloraphenol in aqueous solutions was conducted on porous titanium loaded Pd cathode and the operational parameters were investigated. Chloride ions and phenol is the main products analyzed by GC-MS. Up to 100% electrochemical hydrodehalogenation can be achieved with more than 90% conversion to phenol.(More)
In exploration of low-cost electrocatalysts for direct methanol fuel cells (DMFCs), Pt modified tungsten carbide (WC) materials are found to be great potential candidates for decreasing Pt usage whilst exhibiting satisfactory reactivity. In this work, the mechanisms, onset potentials and activity for electrooxidation of methanol were studied on a series of(More)
The conventional jar test and the monitoring technique of floc size in line were employed to investigate the breakage and regrowth of the flocs formed by PACl. It was found that the breakage and regrowth of flocs varied with coagulation zones. The flocs formed in stabilization zone were of high strength and difficult to break, and could regrow better after(More)
A complete set of scaling criteria for gas hydrate reservoir of five-spot well system case is derived from the 3D governing equations, involving the mass balance equation, the energy balance equation, the kinetic model, the endothermic model and the phase equilibrium model. In the scaling criteria, the key parameters of the experiment are the water/gas(More)