Zhao-xiang Li

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INTRODUCTION Since the late 1970's, time-space clusters of sudden unexplained death (SUD) in northwest Yunnan, China have alarmed the public and health authorities. From 2006-2009, we initiated enhanced surveillance for SUD to identify a cause, and we warned villagers to avoid eating unfamiliar mushrooms. METHODS We established surveillance for SUD,(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the epidemiological and clinical features of unexpected sudden cardiac deaths (SUD) in Yunnan. METHODS Choosing the old SUD cases from Xiangyun, Heqing, Nanjian and Dayao counties and using the standardized verbal autopsy Form, we interviewed the family members of the cases, witnesses and doctors as well as reviewing their medical(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the pathological features and causes of sudden death clustered in family or village in Yunnan province so as to provide the morphological basis for exploring its etiology and medical intervention. METHODS Autopsy was performed on 29 cases of clustered in family or village in Yunnan province during the period 1991-2006, 16 males(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the epidemiologic and clinical characteristics of the "Yunnan unknown-cause sudden cardiac death (YUSCD)". METHODS Cases of YUSCD occurred in 2002-2004 were investigated with cross-sectional study. Clinical manifestation was observed and analyzed. RESULTS The YUSCD areas were mountainous and most of the YUSCD cases appeared(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the pathologic feature of sudden cardiac death in Yunnan province and to investigate the role of myocarditis. METHODS During the period from 1991 to 2006, there were 29 cases of sudden cardiac death with autopsy performed. Fourteen of these cases were diagnosed to have myocarditis based on Dallas criteria and World Heart Federation's(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the clinical features of unexpected sudden death (SUD) clustered in families in Yunnan province. METHODS This retrospective study analyzed the clinical features of SUD occurred between July to September 2005 in 7 families in Yunnan province. RESULTS All 16 SUD patients shared common clinical features such as fatigue and repeated(More)
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