Zhao-ming Xue

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A fluorophore-phenylamine derivative (L) has been coupled with silver nanocrystals (NCs) to construct an L-Ag nanohybrid. Owing to synergic effects of the L and Ag components, the exciton-plasmon interactions between L and Ag increase the strength of the donor-acceptor interaction within the nanohybrid, a fact that results in an energy-transfer process and(More)
The new ligand vanillin S-benzyldithocarbazte(HL) and its complex Co(II)-C16H16N2S2O2-DEA was synthesized and characterized by IR, UV-Vis. The optimum color conditions of the complex in 95% ethanol solution(including reaction temperature T, heating time t, and the concentrations of the three components) have been studied by quadratic regression orthogonal(More)
A new ligand, S-benzyl-(-N-[10-ethylphenothiazinyl-3yl]-methylene] dithiocarbazate (abbreviated as HL), and its complexes ML2 (M=Co and Hg) have been synthesized and fully characterized by elemental analyses, EI-MS, 1H NMR, IR, UV-Vis spectra, and photoluminescence measurement. All of the compounds emit an olivine color in DMF solution. The emission maximum(More)
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