Zhao-feng Geng

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Thanks to its significant value in anti-drought, Sabina vulgaris is becoming more and more important. But much of past research work was primarily focused on its eco-physiological characteristics while ignoring its basic topological architecture and growth rules. In this work, a dual-scale automaton model is presented to investigate the topological(More)
Sabina vulgaris patches have superior capability against drought, wind-break and sand-control. It has been highly regarded in the research of the eco- physiological characteristics of Sabina vulgaris in recent years. But rare report of the approach using fractal theory is seen on this topic. The fractal structure of Sabina vulgaris branch is analyzed in(More)
Many experiments have verified that Sabina vulgaris shrubs had distinguished advantage in anti- drought, but a lot of past works were primarily focused on its eco-physiological characteristics, with its growth model almost never explored. In this work, the primary model of S. vulgaris shrubs is discussed and improved based on the dual-scale automaton model(More)
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