Zhao Zhi Wen

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In May and July 2001, the biological and ecological features of 22 salt lakes in northern Tibet , China, were investigated.Their salinity ranged from 1 to 390 g l−1. One hundred and thirty two samples were collected. Ninty five taxa of phytoplankton and 42 taxa of zooplankton were recorded. The dominant cation was sodium, with magnesium generally(More)
To clarify the status and distribution of Fas and Fas-Ligand (FasL) in yak's placentomes, immunohistochemistry (IHC) was carried out to analyze the expression and location of Fas and FasL in paraffin embedded sections. The area of positive stained sites was selected and measured using image analyses software (Image Pro-Plus 6.0). So the positive index (PI)(More)
PURPOSE In this study, we explored association between hypertension and depression in the very elderly using a sample ranged in age from 90 to 108 years. METHODS A cross-sectional study. RESULTS The sample included 687 unrelated Chinese nonagenarians/centenarians (67.4% women, mean age 93.51 years). The mean depression score (measured with brief 23-item(More)
The effects of paclobutrazol (PBZ) on the ex vitro transfer efficiency of in vitro grown Dendrobium nobile seedlings were investigated. The survival percentage was increased by 41.6 % with 0.8 mg dm−3 PBZ treatment compared to controls. The PBZ-treated D. nobile plants were shorter than control plants. Morphological and anatomical analyses showed that root(More)
Primary productivity, biomass and chlorophyll-a of size fractionated phytoplankton (<0.22 μm, <3 μm, <8 μm, <10 μm, <40 μm, <64 μm, <112 μm and <200 μm) were estimated in 6 ponds and 5 experimental enclosures. The results showed that the planktonic algae less than 10 μm are important in the biomass and production of phytoplankton in saline–alkaline ponds.(More)
In this paper, we study a kind of special quintom models, which are made of a quintessence field φ1 and a phantom field φ2, and their potential functions have the form of V (φ 2 1 − φ2). These models have simple kinetic functions, so the analysis of them is simple. These models are separated into two kind: the hessence models, which have φ1 > φ 2 2, and the(More)
Aiming at the main issues in the design process of Launch Vehicle, this paper applied desktop grid technology into the area of Launch Vehicle design, established collaborative design platform of Launch Vehicle based on desktop grid, designed a kind of load balance arithmetic based on comprehensive evaluation of computer load using many factors, solved the(More)
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