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rpoX, a Vibrio alginolyticus specific stress regulating gene, was used to detect this fish pathogen by SYBR Green I-based real-time PCR. The specificity of the detection was confirmed in different samples. The minimum level of detection was 10(3) cells from pure culture and 10(2) cells from seawater.
Dynamical behavior of neutral neural networks with distributed delays is studied by employing suitable Lyapunov functional, delay-dependent criteria to ensure local and global asymptotic stability of the equilibrium of the neural networks. Our results are applied to classical neutral neural networks with time delay and some novel asymptotic stability(More)
Vibration signal, power of spindle motor and spindle speed signal are used in the vibration controlling system of CNC milling machine. The rule of time and frequency domain features of vibration signal is got. Using Root Mean Square, power spectral density of vibration signal and the power of spindle motor, the cutting parameters of CNC machine tool is(More)
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