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We present a novel approach to generate cryptographic keys from biometric face data so that their privacy and biometric template can be protected by using helper data schema (HDS). Our method includes three components: feature extraction, feature discretization and key generation. During feature extraction stage, the global features (PCA-transformed) and(More)
The accumulation of inbreeding and the loss of genetic diversity is a potential problem in the modern swine breeds in China. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to analyze the pedigrees of Chinese Duroc (CD), Landrace (CL) and Yorkshire (CY) swine to estimate the past and current rates of inbreeding, and to identify the main causes of genetic diversity(More)
Cross-lingual sentiment classification aims to automatically predict sentiment polarity (e.g., positive or negative) of data in a label-scarce target language by exploiting labeled data from a label-rich language. The fundamental challenge of cross-lingual learning stems from a lack of overlap between the feature spaces of source language data and that of(More)
We studied the dynamic effects of an electromagnetic(EM) wave with circular polarization on a two-level damped atom. The results demonstrate interesting ac Stark split of energy levels of damped atom. The split levels have different energies and lifetimes, both of which depend on the interaction and the damping rate of atom. When the frequency of the EM(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the quality of integrative medicine clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) published before 2014. METHODS A systematic search of the scientific literature published before 2014 was conducted to select integrative medicine CPGs. Four major Chinese integrated databases and one guideline database were searched: the Chinese Biomedical(More)
We studied theoretically ballistic electronic transport in a proposed mesoscopic structure-Quantum Cable. Our results demonstrated that Qauntum Cable is a unique structure for the study of mesoscopic transport. As a function of Fermi energy, Ballistic conductance exhibits interesting stepwise features. Besides the steps of one or two quantum conductance(More)