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SR-IOV capable network devices offer the benefits of direct I/O throughput and reduced CPU utilization while greatly increasing the scalability and sharing capabilities of the device. SR-IOV allows the benefits of the paravirtualized driver's throughput increase and additional CPU usage reductions in HVMs (Hardware Virtual Machines). SR-IOV uses direct I/O(More)
A total of 134 cases of H7N9 influenza infection were identified in 12 provinces of China between March 25 and September 31, 2013. Of these, 46 cases occurred in Zhejiang Province. We carried out a preliminary comparison of characteristics between rural and urban H7N9 cases from Zhejiang Province, China. Field investigations were conducted for each(More)
BACKGROUND A novel influenza A virus infection was identified on March 31, 2013 in China and a total of 134 cases were identified in 12 provinces of China between March 25 and September 31, 2013. Of these, 46 cases occurred in Zhejiang Province and the number of patients is the largest in China. METHODS Field investigations were conducted for each(More)
BACKGROUND Different delivery modes may affect the susceptibility to allergic diseases. It is still unknown whether early intervention with probiotics would counteract this effect. OBJECTIVES The effect of different delivery modes on immune status and nasal symptoms was investigated on established allergic rhinitis (AR) mouse model. In addition, the(More)
  • HUANG Shuang-Xi, FAN Yu-Shun, ZHAO Yu
  • 2006
The generic adaptive software architecture style is studied. Through the analysis of the basic characteristics of adaptive software architecture, the generic framework for adaptive software architecture is extracted. The integrated reference model of adaptive software architecture (ASA-IRM) is proposed based on multiview modelling theory. The rules of model(More)
BACKGROUND To date, there have been a total of 637 laboratory-confirmed cases of human infection with avian influenza A (H7N9) virus across mainland China, with 28% (179/637) of these reported in Zhejiang Province. Surveillance of avian H7N9 virus was conducted to investigate environmental contamination during H7N9 outbreaks. We sought to evaluate the(More)
During April 2013 in China, mild respiratory symptoms developed in 1/61 workers who had culled influenza A(H7N9) virus-infected poultry. Laboratory testing confirmed A(H7N9) infection in the worker and showed that the virus persisted longer in sputum than pharyngeal swab samples. Pharyngeal swab samples from the other workers were negative for A(H7N9) virus.
Virtual trusted platform module (vTPM) is an important part in building trusted cloud environment. Aiming at the remediation of lack of effective security assurances of vTPM instances in the existing virtual TPM architecture, this paper presents a security-improved scheme for virtual TPM based on kernel- based virtual machine (KVM). By realizing the TPM2.0(More)