Zhao Yongli

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Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) plays an important role in providing network security. Efficient NIDS can be developed by defining a proper rule set for classifying network audit data into normal or attack patterns. Generally, each dataset is characterized by a large set of features, but not all features will be relevant or fully contribute(More)
OpenFlow, as an open-source protocol with prominent performance of networking virtualization and programmability, has been gradually introduced to act as a control plane technology in optical networks. However, with the increasing of the complexity of the network architecture and the service kinds, a centralized OpenFlow-based software-defined networking(More)
Loom warp tension had a significant impact on the quality of fabric. In order to better control warp tension of rapier loom and prevent negative impacts on the quality of the fabric by reason of the excessive fluctuation. This paper took let-off system of SAURER400 rapier loom as experimental subject and adopted the simulation system of MATLAB to check up(More)
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