Zhao-Ying Zhou

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This paper aims to investigate theoretically and experimentally the dynamic behaviors of the pitch and roll motions of a small-scale unmanned air vehicle in loitering flight. Two fourth-order ARX (AutoRegressive with eXogenous input) models are successfully identified, and the performance analysis is carried out based on the flight test data. The validity(More)
This paper presents an optimal algorithm for finding collision-free path and trajectory for microair vehicles (MAVs) in urban terrain where multiple ground obstacles are distributed. Regarding vertices of polygonal obstacles as input points of the Delaunay triangulations, a Delaunay-based path planning is proposed to determine an optimal waypoint path while(More)
Microcracks inside metallic materials seriously influence the mechanic properties of materials and can endanger machine operations. The nonlinear acoustic features, such as harmonics will appear with ultrasound through a damaged material. Based on the relationship between the harmonics, a method using nonlinear acoustic harmonic amplitude ratio to(More)