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Glial cell adhesive molecule unzipped mediates axon guidance in Drosophila
Axon guidance needs help from the glial cell system during embryogenesis. In the Drosophila embryonic central nervous system (CNS), longitudinal glia (LG) have been implicated in axon guidance butExpand
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Outer nuclear membrane protein Kuduk modulates the LINC complex and nuclear envelope architecture
Linker of nucleoskeleton and cytoskeleton (LINC) complexes spanning the nuclear envelope (NE) contribute to nucleocytoskeletal force transduction. A few NE proteins have been found to regulate theExpand
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Influence of Al2O3 addition in NaAlO2 electrolyte on microstructure and high-temperature properties of plasma electrolytic oxidation ceramic coatings on Ti2AlNb alloy
Abstract Plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) has become an effective surface modification method to form ceramic coatings on orthorhombic Ti2AlNb alloy due to its high productivity, economicExpand
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Preparation and characterization of GdSmZr2O7–(Li0.52Na0.48)2CO3 composite electrolyte for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Abstract A novel GdSmZr2O7–(Li0.52Na0.48)2CO3 composite electrolyte material is successfully developed by pressureless-sintering for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells. GdSmZr2O7Expand
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Insights into structure and high-temperature oxidation behavior of plasma electrolytic oxidation ceramic coatings formed in NaAlO2–Na2CrO4 electrolyte
Plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) ceramic coatings were formed on Ti2AlNb alloy in various NaAlO2 electrolytes containing 2 g L−1, 4 g L−1, and 6 g −1 Na2CrO4 additive, respectively. The influenceExpand
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An Efficient Screen for Cell-Intrinsic Factors Identifies the Chaperonin CCT and Multiple Conserved Mechanisms as Mediating Dendrite Morphogenesis
Dendritic morphology is inextricably linked to neuronal function. Systematic large-scale screens combined with genetic mapping have uncovered several mechanisms underlying dendrite morphogenesis.Expand
Preparation, microstructure and electrical property of GdSmZr2O7-(Li0.52Na0.48)2CO3 composite electrolyte via carbonate infiltration
Abstract Porous GdSmZr2O7 (GSZ) with different porosities has been prepared by the solid state reaction, and GSZ-carbonates composites have been prepared by infiltrating (Li0·52Na0.48)2CO3 (LNC)Expand