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An Efficient Screen for Cell-Intrinsic Factors Identifies the Chaperonin CCT and Multiple Conserved Mechanisms as Mediating Dendrite Morphogenesis
An efficient clonal screen using a collection of mapped P-element insertions that were previously shown to cause lethality and eye defects in Drosophila melanogaster reveals novel mechanisms underlying dendrite morphogenesis, and shows that CCT localizes in dendrites and is required for dendritic microtubule organization and tubulin stability.
Glial cell adhesive molecule unzipped mediates axon guidance in Drosophila
Uzip is identified as a novel CAM from the LG regulating axon guidance, which was mainly produced by the LG but was also located at axons, which is consistent with the secretion of Uzip expressed in cultured cells.
Outer nuclear membrane protein Kuduk modulates the LINC complex and nuclear envelope architecture
Kud acts as a quality control mechanism for LINC-mediated nucleocytoskeletal connections and overexpression of the human orthologue TMEM258 in Drosophila proved functional conservation, expanding the understanding of the regulation of LINC complexes and NE architecture.