Zhao Yi Zeng

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The accumulation of inbreeding and the loss of genetic diversity is a potential problem in the modern swine breeds in China. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to analyze the pedigrees of Chinese Duroc (CD), Landrace (CL) and Yorkshire (CY) swine to estimate the past and current rates of inbreeding, and to identify the main causes of genetic diversity(More)
We investigate theoretically the resonant splitting of ballistic conductance peaks in magnetic superlattices. It is found that, for magnetic superlattices with periodically arranged n identical magnetic-barriers, there exists a general (n − 1)-fold resonant peak splitting rule for ballistic conductance, which is the analogy of the (n − 1)-fold resonant(More)
We study the transport of electrons in a Fibonacci magnetic superlattice produced on a two-dimensional electron gas modulated by parallel magnetic field stripes arranged in a Fibonacci sequence. Both the transmission coefficient and conductance exhibit self-similarity and the six-circle property. The presence of extended states yields a finite conductivity(More)
We studied the dynamic effects of an electromagnetic(EM) wave with circular polarization on a two-level damped atom. The results demonstrate interesting ac Stark split of energy levels of damped atom. The split levels have different energies and lifetimes, both of which depend on the interaction and the damping rate of atom. When the frequency of the EM(More)
For a further understanding of the phase transitions mechanism in type-I silicon clathrates K₈Si46, ab initio self-consistent electronic calculations combined with linear-response method have been performed to investigate the vibrational properties of alkali metal K atoms encapsulated type-I silicon-clathrate under pressure within the framework of density(More)
We study the Aharonov-Bohm effect in a coupled 2×2 quantum dot array with two-terminals. A striking conductance dip arising from the Fano interference is found as the energy levels of the intermediate dots are mismatched, which is lifted in the presence of a magnetic flux. A novel five peak structure is observed in the conductance for large mismatch. The(More)
We study the quasiperiodic behavior of electrons in a Fibonacci magnetic superlattice, produced on a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) modulated by magnetic field stripes arranged in a Fibonacci sequence. A rich (multifractal) resonant structure of transmission and conductance spectra is revealed. Although electron motion in a magnetically modulated 2DEG(More)
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