Zhao-Yang Chen

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Based on the available measurement data and literature on the hydrate deposits of the South China Sea, a numerical simulation with a new dual horizontal well system has been carried out. Warm brine stimulation combined with depressurization is employed as the production method. Two horizontal wells were situated in the same horizontal plane and they were(More)
To evaluate the gas production performance of the hydrate accumulations in the South China Sea, a numerical simulation with warm brine stimulation combined depressurization has been conducted. A dual horizontal well system is considered as the well configuration in this work. In order to reduce energy input and improve energy utilization, warm brine (<30(More)
The combustion characteristics of both pure propane hydrates and the mixtures of hydrates and quartz sands were investigated by combustion experiments. The flame propagation, flame appearance, burning time and temperature in different hydrate layers were studied. For pure propane hydrate combustion, the initial flame falls in the " premixed " category. The(More)
A complete set of scaling criteria for gas hydrate reservoir of five-spot well system case is derived from the 3D governing equations, involving the mass balance equation, the energy balance equation, the kinetic model, the endothermic model and the phase equilibrium model. In the scaling criteria, the key parameters of the experiment are the water/gas(More)
Adopting small-world neural networks of the Hodgkin-Huxley (HH) model, the stimulation parameters in desynchronisation and its possible implications for vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) are numerically investigated. With the synchronisation status of networks to represent epilepsy, then, adding pulse to stimulations to 10% of neurons to simulate the VNS, we(More)
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