Zhao Xuezeng

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The working processes, machining devices and tools, cutting amount, consumption of materials, productivity and quality of products are directly affected by wood surface roughness. This paper gives an extensive review of methods used previously to measure wood surface roughness, and concludes that computer vision is the most suitable technique. The(More)
Steam turbine is key equipment in the power generating plants. Because of the complexity of its running environment, the fault diagnosis of steam turbine is a difficult problem. In order to improve the intuition and correctness of fault diagnosis, a novel fault diagnosis method for the steam turbine based on flow graphs and Naïve Bayesian classifier(More)
On-line measurement of manufaturing quality of rolled steel needs the performances of noncontact, high-responds, high-resolution and high accuracy. The recently developed hardware makes it possible. This paper gives a review of the development of this techniques and introduces four kinds of developed measurement systems. And the future development trends in(More)
Step height is defined as the vertical spacing between two plane-parallel planes comprising an elevation or an indentation and the substrate. In atomic force microscopy (AFM), there are many algorithms for determining feature dimensions such as step height and width. One common problem of many algorithms is the difficulty for users to accurately determine(More)
This paper recommends a kind of instrument for the measurement of electrolytic conductivity The instrument can automatically monitor and control the ingredient and density of industrial fluid. It works under the principle of AC unbalanced bridge and has many functions such as temperature automatic compensation, multi-singals input, continuous recorder and(More)
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