Zhao Xin Jun

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Verticillium dahliae is a causative fungal pathogen and only a few genes have been identified that exhibit critical roles in disease resistance and few has shown positive effects on the resistance to Verticillium wilt in transgenic cotton. We cloned a receptor-like kinase gene (GbRLK) induced by Verticillium dahliae (VD) in the disease-resistant cotton(More)
Named Entity Recognition is one of the key techniques in the fields of natural language processing, information retrieval, question answering and so on. Unfortunately, Chinese Named Entity Recognition (NER) is more difficult for the lack of capitalization information and the uncertainty in word segmentation. In this paper, we present a hybrid algorithm(More)
In this paper, we present an approach to lexicon optimization for Chinese language modeling. The method is an iterative procedure consisting of two phases, namely lexicon generation and lexicon pruning. In the first phase, we extract appropriate new words from a very large training corpus by statistical approaches. In the second phase, we prune the lexicon(More)
A hierarchical hidden Markov model (HHMM) based approach of product named entity recognition (NER) from Chinese free text is presented in this paper. Characteristics and challenges in product NER is also investigated and analyzed deliberately compared with general NER. Within a unified statistical framework, the approach we proposed is able to make(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to investigate the role of polymorphisms in IL-16 genes on the susceptibility of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). METHODS A total of 260 CAD cases and 281 health controls were collected between January 2008 and November 2011. Genotyping of IL-16 rs8034928, rs3848180, rs1131445, rs4778889 and rs11556218 was conducted by polymerase chain(More)
The paper proposes an information-theory-based method for feature types analysis in probabilistic evaluation modelling for statistical parsing. The basic idea is that we use entropy and conditional entropy to measure whether a feature type grasps some of the information for syntactic structure prediction. Our experiment quantitatively analyzes several(More)
Over the years, many proposals have been made to incorporate assorted types of feature in language models. However, discrepancies between training sets, evaluation criteria, algorithms, and hardware environments make it difficult to compare the models objectively. In this paper, we take an information theoretic approach to select feature types in a(More)
To the slab discharge optimization of steel industry, a class of slab discharge decision model is suggested in this paper, considering the minimal amount of shuffled slab and the minimal crane travel. It consists of the slab discharge optimization decision sub-model and the optimal turned-out slab pile one. The slab discharge planning is accomplished by the(More)
In this paper, the conception extension of parallel execution model in layered idea for parallel computation model research is proposed, in which not only compiling and optimal running are included, but also partial parallel programming for parallelizing the program execution. Breaking through the thinking set of parallel algorithm design and parallel(More)