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Control and Analysis of Quality Influencing Factors of High Carbon Wire Rod C72DA
This paper introduces the effects of chemical composition,mechanical properties,segregation and sorbite ratio,inclusions,oxidation and decarbonization,geometric dimensions and surface quality andExpand
Analysis and Control on Fracture of 20Mn2A High Tensile Steel for Round Link Chain
Based on the phenomenon of brittle fracture occurred during tensile test for 20Mn2A high strength circular chain used in coal mines,the fracture property is regarded as intercrystalline brittle oneExpand
Experimental Reseach of 15CrMo Alloy Steel's Erosion Resistance at Constant and High Temperature
The erosive mechanism and character of metallic material at different temperatures are studied and analyzed by the erosion resistance experiment for 15CrMo alloys steel,which is mostly used on theExpand
FI-Chemiluminescence Determination of Furoylureidum Penicillinum (Sodium Salt) in Its Injections
Based on the chemiluminescence(CL)reaction of Furoylureidum Penicllinum(Na+-salt,abbreviated as FUPC below)with luminol in 0.03 mol·L-1 NaOH solution,using K3Fe(CN)6 both as catalytic and luminescentExpand
Study on Polymorphisms of Microsatellite Loci in Intron 2 of CAST Gene in Five Pig Breeds
There are microsatellite loci with GT repeats in intron 2of CAST gene in pigs.The polymorphisms of the microsatellite loci in intron 2of CAST gene of 227pigs from five pig breeds,which areExpand
Study on Genetic Structure of Four Pig Breeds by Microsatellite DNA
Fivemicrosatellite DNA markers were used to study the genetic structure of four pig breeds: Shanxi Mashen, Taiyuan Spotted, Landrace and Large Yorkshire. Heterozygosity and effective number ofExpand
Optimization of Reactor Power Control Modes in PWR Nuclear Power Plants
Three kinds of reactivity control methods in nuclear reactor and four power control modes in PWR nuclear power plant are analyzed.Finally,the trend of the nuclear power control technologyExpand
Parameters Selection and Arrangement of Smoothing Reactors for ±800 kV Yunnan-Guangzhou UHVDC Transmission Project
A simulation model of ±800 kV Yun-Guang UHVDC Transmission System based on PSCAD/EMTDC is built,and three arrangement schemes of smoothing reactors are compared in terms of harmonic characteristic and switching DC over-voltage via simulations. Expand
Separation and Analysis of Thiadiazole in Cefazolin Sodium
The impurity thiadiazole was separated from cefazolin sodium by chemical method,and the separated thiadiazole was identified using thin layer chromatography(TLC),high performance liquidExpand
Insulation characteristics analysis of the spacer with the temperature sensor
To study the effect of the temperature sensor on the spacers, the experimental platform of the temperature sensor and spacers model is constructed in this paper. It is studied that the flashoverExpand