Zhao Wu

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This paper describes the challenges presented by single-chip parallel media processors (PMPs). These machines integrate multiple parallel function units, instruction execution, and memory hierarchies on a single chip. The combination of programmability and high performance on data parallelism is necessary to meet the demands of next-generation multimedia(More)
Programmable Video Signal Processors (VSPs) play an important role in multimedia applications due to their high performance and flexibility. In order to exploit the huge amount of parallelism inherent in the applications, VSPs employ aggressive parallel architectures, among which Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) is becoming increasingly popular. For video(More)
X-ray computed tomography at the nanometer scale (nano-CT) offers a wide range of applications in scientific and industrial areas. Here we describe a reliable, user-friendly and fast software package based on LabVIEW that may allow to perform all procedures after the acquisition of raw projection images in order to obtain the inner structure of the(More)