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This paper describes the challenges presented by single-chip parallel media processors (PMPs). These machines integrate multiple parallel function units, instruction execution, and memory hierarchies on a single chip. The combination of programmability and high performance on data parallelism is necessary to meet the demands of next-generation multimedia(More)
Web Services can be composed to build domain-specific application and solution. Some Web Services Composition (WSC) standards are proposed, for instance, WS-BPEL and WS-CDL. WS-BPEL consists of basic activity, structured activity and control-flow. It uses control-flow to construct sequence, branching, parallelism, synchronization, etc. This paper proposes(More)
Programmable Video Signal Processors (VSPs) play an important role in multimedia applications due to their high performance and flexibility. In order to exploit the huge amount of parallelism inherent in the applications, VSPs employ aggressive parallel architectures, among which Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) is becoming increasingly popular. For video(More)
In recently years, the Web service composition becomes a new approach of distributed application integration. The time cost of the composed Web service is one of the most concerned characters by users. Due to the long delay and uncertainty of the Internet, the performance prediction becomes a difficult problem for the Web service composition. A novel(More)
Web services can be composed to build domain-specific application and solution. The standards of several Web services composition (WSC) are proposed, for example, WS-BPEL and WS-CDL. Moreover, there is a great demand for the performance optimization of WSC recently. However, WS-BPEL lacks formal semantics, so it is very difficult to verify WSC and evaluate(More)