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The aims of this study were to create a health promoting university within the framework of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion. Strategies included reforming and issuing healthy policies, creating a healthy physical and social environment, developing personal health skills, reorienting the health services, and implementing intervention activities. To(More)
Aiming to the dynamic electromagnetic characteristic of the space target, a high-effective and real-time simulation method is proposed to suffice the demand of the engineering project. Firstly, use the coordinate transform means to calculate the pitch and aspect angle of Line of Sight(LOS) in the radar reference frame; And, calculate the rotate angle(More)
The performance of task scheduling is one of the key factor that affects embedded real-time operating system's performance. This paper describes the realization mechanism of priority-based preemptive scheduling of MQX and the simple and efficient scheduling process of MQX based on in-depth analysis on task scheduling source code starting from MQX task(More)
As the internet is developing rapidly, more and more customers obtain the product and brand information by internet communication. Through the questionnaire survey, the paper used statistical analysis methods such as the pairs T-test and variance analysis to discuss customers' trust in internet communication. The result showed that customers trusted(More)
S E P A R A T I O N O F W I D E R A N G E D N A F R A G M E N T S U S I N G N O N G E L C A P I L L A R Y E L E C T R O P H O R E S I S Zhao Tao, Liu Qiping , Cheng Jieke (Department of Chemistry, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072,China) This paper reported the separation of wide-range DNA fragments using non-gel capillary electrophoresis. In a DB-1 GC(More)
AIM. To investigate the changes of the mice testes and the tight junction (Tj) relative molecular and to identify the molecular mechanisms of the mice blood-testis-barrier (BTB) permea- bility increasing after the mice were exposed to electromagnetic pulse (EMP). METHODS. Observe the changes vimentin of the mice testes by laser scanning confocal technique.(More)
For a quantitative analysis of correlations between China's telecommunication industry and economic and social development, this paper takes the United States as the standard reference models employs econometric tools such as Feder Model etc, select authentic statistics respectively issued by National Bureaus of China and the USA 2009 for a simulation data(More)